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Wellcome Collection events and exhibitions, September-October 2010

18 August 2010

Information about the free exhibitions and events at Wellcome Collection in September and October 2010.

Unless otherwise stated, all events are free but must be booked in advance.
For further information, visit Wellcome Collection’s events page or call 020 7611 2222.


Events to accompany 'Skin'

Treats on Elasticity
Thursday 9 September, 19.00-21.00
The PARS Foundation from Amsterdam invite you to join them for 'Treats on Elasticity'. Expand the way you think about skin by watching and listening to artists and scientists share their passion and knowledge of the subject and indulge your senses by stretching your perceptions of skin and elasticity. With talks and performances by: artists Lyndsey Housden and Yoko Seyama; architect Didier Fiuza-Faustino; poet Fiona Sampson; condom expert Nick White, imaging neuroscientist Daniel Glaser; architect Jolyon Brewis; and composer/performer Mayke Nas.
This event was produced by Hester Aardse and Astrid van Baalen from PARS.


Special one-off events

Handle with Care
Friday 17 September, 19.00-23.00
What do 'Easy Rider', bees, the art of improvisation, Buddhism, statistics and jelly have in common? The answers lie in the professional training and working lives of nurses and midwives. Celebrating Florence Nightingale and the art and science of nursing and midwifery, 'Handle with Care' reflects on changing practice over the past 150 years, through film, theatre, music, talks and hands-on activities.
This event is presented by Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery at King's College London, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.
No booking required. Drop in at any time

Sick City
Thursday 7 October, 19.00-20.30
Given its congested roads and polluted air, some may argue that London is a sick city. It is also the most populated and ethnically diverse city in the EU. Public health experts are facing difficult dilemmas in deciding what the priority should be for public health in London. In this balloon debate, only one project can fly - tonight, we'll decide which.
This event is running as part of The Mayor’s Story of London Festival.

Black History Month - Special Tour
Thursday 21 October, 19.00-19.45
Join historian Steve Martin for a different perspective of the African material on display in the 'Medicine Man' gallery. There will also be a trail available in the gallery during October and thereafter online, developed with Steve Martin.
Part of the Camden Black History Season.

Wellcome Collection at Bloomsbury Festival
Saturday 23 October, 11.00-18.00 and Sunday 24 October, 11.00-16.00
Find out what young people in the local area think of the ideas behind Wellcome Collection as we showcase creative projects developed by 1A Arts, Fitzrovia Youth in Action, Holborn Community Association, Coram's Fields, King's Cross and Brunswick Neighbourhood Association, One KX and Y Touring Theatre.
Explore everything from giant graffiti of neurons to how we see our bodies today.  Work will be showcased at Wellcome Collection as well as Russell Square.


Exchanges at the Frontier

Exchanges at the Frontier returns to Wellcome Collection this autumn with a second series in partnership with the BBC World Service, hosting some of the biggest names in world science. Join AC Grayling, Professor of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London, to test them on the social impact of their discoveries and explore the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

An edited recording of each event will be broadcast by the BBC World Service.

With Kevin Marsh
Saturday 2 October, 11.00-12.30
Kevin Marsh is an expert in child malaria and Director of the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya. He has worked at the forefront of world malaria epidemiology for over 20 years. Join him in conversation with AC Grayling to find out more about the challenges of fighting tropical disease in the heart of Africa, and his reasons for optimism in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

With Brian Greene
Thursday 28 October, 15.00-16.30
Brian Greene is Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University, New York, renowned for his discoveries in the field of superstring theory, and the author of bestselling books including 'The Elegant Universe'. Join him in conversation with AC Grayling to find out more about the idea that minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe.


Supper Salons

Bompas and Parr on Jelly
Wednesday 29 September, 19.30-22.00
Bompas and Parr are starting a jelly revolution. Blurring the boundaries between art and food, they create immersive food installations using their bespoke jellies and moulds. They have collaborated with leading architects, and even created a walk-in cocktail installation. Come along to hear how they are returning a theatricality and playfulness to the art of eating, and experience the wobbly delights of jelly for yourself.

Robin Ince on Science and Comedy
Wednesday 27 October, 19.30-22.00
Writer, comedian, atheist and avid collector of bad literature, Robin Ince is famous for his omnivorous intellectual appetites and biting invective. He has collaborated with scientists, musicians and comedians, and his annual event Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People is a celebration of rational thinking. Join him at Supper Salon to hear how comedy can be a powerful way to get scientific ideas across.

Cost: £25 including two-course dinner and two glasses of wine.
To book call 020 7611 2222


Packed Lunch events

Feed your curiosity at our daytime discussions. Drop in to hear local scientists in conversation about their latest experiment, life in the lab and why science matters to everyone, all in the space of your lunch hour. Bring your sarnies with you, first come, first seated.

No booking is necessary.

With Isabel Jones, burns and plastic surgeon
Friday 10 September, 13.00-13.45
Few people have as intimate a knowledge of the delicate layers of the skin than those who try to repair it after trauma. Isabel Jones is a surgeon at the Burns Unit at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, which provides for the population of Greater London and treated the victims of the 7/7 bombings. In this special skin-themed Packed Lunch, she'll talk about skin grafts, skin substitutes and the Holy Grail of scarless healing.

With Nick Lane, mitochondria expert
Friday 24 September, 13.00-13.45
The origins of complex life have long fascinated scientists. Nick Lane, a biochemist at UCL, is investigating what drove the shift from simple bacteria to the vast diversity of plants and animals, and believes the answer lies in the mitochondria. Join him to find out more about these mysterious powerhouses of the cell.

With Peter Ayton, psychologist
Wednesday 6 October, 13.00-13.45
We make thousands of decisions every day, some of them unconscious and many of them less logical than we would like to believe. Peter Ayton, a psychologist at City University, studies human judgement and decision making, and argues that humans are often less rational than animals. Join him to find out how the human brain copes with making choices in a modern world flooded with options.

With Eleanor Stride, biomedical engineer
Wednesday 20 October, 13.00-13.45
Every Agatha Christie fan knows the murderous potential of an air bubble injected directly into the blood stream. But for Eleanor Stride, a biomedical engineer at UCL, bubbles may hold the key to saving lives, not ending them. Come along to find out how her pioneering work on microbubbles has the potential to transform ultrasound imaging and drug delivery.

Past events are available to download as podcasts.


Walking Tours

Tours between 1 and 10 October are running in support of The Mayor’s Story of London Festival.
Tours on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October are running in support of the Bloomsbury Festival.

Conspicuous Consumption
Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October, 11.00-13.00
Today we see healthcare as a basic human right, but this is a deceptively recent idea. For centuries, diagnoses and cures have been bought and sold in London's medical marketplace. Join us as we uncover the secrets of 'Doctoropolis' - a place where leading surgeons rubbed shoulders with the 'King of the Quacks'.
Written and led by Richard Barnett, author of 'Medical London'.
This walk starts at Great Portland Street tube (south exit) and finishes at Wellcome Collection.

Dead Famous
Saturday 9, Sunday 10 and Saturday 23 October, 11.00-13.00
For more than a century Bloomsbury has been at the heart of London's literary life, famous for gossip, genius and back-biting. But this area also has fearful stories of addictions, obsessions and disease to tell. Join us for an unashamedly nosy glimpse into the private lives of Bloomsbury's most talented residents.
Written and led by Richard Barnett, author of 'Medical London'.
This walk starts and finishes at Wellcome Collection.

In Sickness and in Health
Wednesday 13 and Sunday 24 October, 11.00-13.00
Now leafy and affluent, Bloomsbury was once desperately poor, crammed with slums and Dickensian dust heaps. But it has also been a crucible of medical reform, and the setting for triumphs and tragedies in the lives of London's plain folk. Join us as we tell the stories of Bloomsbury over three centuries of life, death and disease.
Written and led by Richard Barnett, author of 'Medical London'.
This walk starts at Russell Square tube and finishes at Wellcome Collection.

Secret Bloomsbury
Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 October 15.00-17.00
Shhhh... don't tell anyone. This historical walking tour is your chance to uncover the Bloomsbury that nobody knows, where we will encounter spies, sorcerers and scientists in the heart of literary London. From nuclear bunkers to tales of teleportation, join us as we expose the secrets of this extraordinary area.
Written and led by Ross MacFarlane, Wellcome Library and Mark Pilkington, Strange Attractor Press.
This walk starts at Holborn Tube station and finishes at Wellcome Collection.


Wellcome Library Insights

Enrich your knowledge with one of our themed visits.

Insights sessions in the Wellcome Library provide an opportunity to learn more and see the rich diversity of the Library's collection, with experts as guides.
If you are a group of six or more and would like to arrange a special group visit, please email library.outreach@wellcome.ac.uk or call 020 7611 8659.

William Morris and the Wellcome Library
Thursday 2 September, 18.00-19.00
Find out more about William Morris's collecting of fine manuscripts and early printed books, and see items from the library at Kelmscott House that now live in the Wellcome Library.

The Quest for Perfect Skin
Thursday 9 September, 15.00-16.00
Beauty is often remarked to be only 'skin deep'. Since the 17th century, a multimillion-pound industry has come into being, feeding on our aesthetic concerns about skin. This talk traces the roots of this industry, its consequences for the individual and its relationship with health, comparing early modern skincare preparations with today's practices.
Speaker: Stefania Crowther, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine, UCL

Mind and Body: Heart and soul 
Thursday 23 September, 18.00-19.00
Can mental states have a physical expression in the body, and vice versa? Explore the relationship between our heads and our hearts, as described by great minds of the past, and hear about the surprising remedies offered.
Speaker: Erin Sullivan, Doctoral Candidate, Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL

London Faces
Saturday 2 October, 14.30-15.30
Turning the tables on the face reading enthusiasts of 19th-century London, and examining their faces and theories afresh using portraiture, literature and satire of the period.

Anatomies of London
Thursday 7 October, 18.00-19.00
Saturday 9 October, 14.30-15.30

Discover fascinating, illuminating and sometimes lurid tales of London life preserved in the Wellcome Library.

Henry Wellcome: His life and work
Thursday 21 October, 15.00-16.00
Who was Henry Wellcome, and what drove him to collect over a million objects during his lifetime? Find out more about our founder as an individual, a businessman and a collector through his personal papers in the Wellcome Library.


Wellcome Collection special exhibitions

Until 26 September 2010

The 'Skin' exhibition invites you to re-evaluate the largest and probably most overlooked human organ. We consider the changing importance of skin, from anatomical thought in the 16th century through to contemporary artistic exploration.

Covering four themes (Objects, Marks, Impressions and Afterlives), 'Skin' begins by looking at the skin as a frontier between the inside and the outside of the body. Early anatomists saw it as having little value and sought to flay it to reveal the workings of the body beneath.

The exhibition then moves to look at the skin as a living document: with tattoos, scars, wrinkles or various pathologies, our skin tells a story of our life so far. Finally, the skin is considered as a sensory organ of touch and as a delicate threshold between life and death.

12-22 October 2010
A call to update Henry Wellcome's curious collection with 'things' (no bigger than your head). This new exhibition would not be possible without you! Contribute to Henry's weird and wonderful collection and become part of our museum. What have you got, what have we not?

Bring your thing during our great bring-a-thing-athon, 12-19 October. Bring this, bring that, bring the other, just nothing bigger than your head. Lend it, gift it, or if you can't bear to part with it, upload a photo. Explore the nascent collection as it grows and encourage your curious friends to take part, then join us for a celebration on 19 October.

Henry Wellcome was one of the world's greatest collectors. On display in our 'Medicine Man' collection you will find more than 500 objects from his original hoard of over 1.5 million objects.


Free arts projects


What If…?
Window display at the Wellcome Trust
Until January 2011

Throughout 2010 the windows of the Wellcome Trust are showing ongoing projects by students, staff and graduates of the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art. Their purpose is not to offer predictions but to inspire debate about the human consequences of different technological futures, both positive and negative, by asking 'What if…?' There are no solutions here or even answers - just questions, ideas and possibilities.


Wellcome Collection permanent galleries

Wellcome Collection's permanent galleries are a must-see on London's cultural map. Where else can you see a Peruvian mummy sitting alongside Florence Nightingale's slippers and Napoleon's toothbrush? The two permanent galleries are:

Medicine Man (350 m2): This exhibition contains more than 500 strange and beautiful artefacts from Sir Henry Wellcome's original collection, presented in a rich American walnut-panelled gallery, centred on a large 'Wunderkammer' cabinet.

Medicine Now (350 m2): This exhibition explores contemporary medical topics through the eyes of scientists, artists and popular culture in a bright contemporary environment.

Admission to Wellcome Collection is free. Charges may apply for some special events. Under-14s must be accompanied by an adult.

Further details can be found at Wellcome Collecton’s website.

Opening hours
Monday 10.00-18.00 (Galleries closed, except public holidays)
Tuesday 10.00-18.00
Wednesday 10.00-18.00
Thursday 10.00-22.00 (Library until 20.00)
Friday 10.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-18.00 (Library until 16.00)
Sunday 11.00-18.00 (Library closed)

Gallery tours
Tours are specially designed and researched by our knowledgeable Visitor Services Assistants, and last approximately 30 minutes.

Saturdays, 14.30: tour of 'Medicine Now' gallery
Sundays, 14.30: tour of 'Medicine Man' gallery

For information about booking a guided tour especially for your group, please visit Wellcome Collecton’s website.


Behind-the-scenes tours

Join a walking tour to explore the building, the satellite artworks and the work of the Wellcome Trust in more depth. They take place on the last Friday of every month at 13.00.
These tours last approximately one hour and there are limited seating opportunities.



Jen Middleton
Media Officer, Wellcome Trust
T 020 7611 7262
M 07534 143849
E j.middleton@wellcome.ac.uk

Wellcome Collection is a free visitor destination for the incurably curious. Located at 183 Euston Road, London, Wellcome Collection explores the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future. The building comprises three gallery spaces, a public events programme, the Wellcome Library, a café, a bookshop, conference facilities and a members' club.

Wellcome Collection is part of the Wellcome Trust, a global charity dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. The Trust supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. Its breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health. It is independent of both political and commercial interests.

The Bloomsbury Festival is a high profile, multi-disciplinary arts and cultural event taking place from 22-24 October 2010 across the whole of Bloomsbury. The event will bring together many local businesses, communities and cultural and academic organisations to celebrate this fascinating area, through a programme packed with dance, music, performance, guided walks, art, workshops, talks, literary trails, a food programme and much, much more.

The Story of London, presenting the capital's rich history as a centre for world-beating ideas, invention and pioneers is celebrated from 1-10 October, when the Mayor's Story of London festival returns. With a wide range of events and activities, get out and explore the city, discover the role the London has played in technological, cultural and social advances - in the past and for the future.

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