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The interactive tiredness test is based on one of several interactive exhibits in 'Sleeping & Dreaming', the second major exhibition at Wellcome Collection, which runs until 9 March 2008. Visit this acclaimed exhibition at 183 Euston Road, London, to explore the fascinating theme of sleeping and dreaming through the eyes of artists, scientists, filmmakers and historians, and enjoy an array of events and expert-led tours.

Psychomotor vigilance task (PVT)

The interactive itself is loosely based on the PVT test, which would be carried out under laboratory conditions for ten minutes, testing your response under different sleep conditions. On average, 220 milliseconds would be a 'good' reaction time; people who are very tired take around 300 milliseconds.

Exhibition reviews so far…

"I love the combination of the science of sleep, the art of sleep and the sociology
of sleep", Paul Morley 'Newsnight Review'

"...intriguing show" (number 1 in top five galleries), 'The Times'

"... surreal experience", 'Guardian Guide'