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B-Floor Theatre

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Research Centre: Wellcome Trust-Mahidol University-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Programme

“B-Floor Theatre is Thailand's vanguard physical theatre company. For over ten years, we have been at the forefront of creating highly visual theatre combining movement and multimedia elements, and stimulating social and political awareness. Our plays often involve little or no script, focusing instead on exploring and incorporating the expressive abilities of the human body and other elements of theatre creation – objects, lights, sound, puppets, and film – to create the play's narrative. For both Thai and international audiences, our productions generate an exchange of experiences, opinions, attitudes, knowledge and concerns from a modern Thai standpoint.” B Floor Theatre

While in residence, B-Floor will be exploring research into malaria and lesser-known tropical diseases. The outcomes of their residency will include a series of performances at the Pridi Banomyong Institute in Bangkok in collaboration with Wandering Moon Theatre.

  • First impressions

    First impressions

    "Four artists who struggle to divide a restaurant bill evenly walked into the Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit. Not just into the building, we walked into a whole new world."

  • Interests and approach

    Interests and approach

    "The more people we talked to and the more places we visited, the more interconnected everything seemed to be."

  • Production


    "It was time we brought those images of farmers, scientists and diseases in our brains down on script paper and into our bodies."

  • Final outcomes

    Final outcomes

    "One of the most rewarding experiences.One of the best things that ever happened to us."


B-Floor began their residency in September 2012.

B-Floor Theatre: Milestones [PDF, 29KB]

Image: B-Floor Theatre at Democrazy Theatre Studio, Bangkok.
Photo © Withit Chantamarit, 2010

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