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Dirt Season

From March to September

Obsessively avoided and often misunderstood, dirt - and our complex relationship with it - is the subject of a season of activity from the Wellcome Trust.

Running from March to September, the Dirt Season features a major exhibition 'Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life' at Wellcome Collection, online games, and events at special dirty locations including the Eden Project to the south, Glasgow to the north and Glastonbury and other summer festivals somewhere in the middle.

  • Dirt exhibition

    Dirt exhibition

    'Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life' - Wellcome Collection's major new exhibition - takes a closer look at something that surrounds us but that we are often reluctant to confront. 24 March-31 August 2011.

  • Decontaminating Glastonbury

    Decontaminating Glastonbury

    The Decontamination Unit, an installation by Guerilla Science, physically and morally cleansed festival goers. Watch the video to find out more.

  • How dirty is your phone?

    How dirty is your phone?

    Is your mobile phone a potential health risk and does keeping your hands clean reduce this risk?

  • Eden Project: Freaky Nature with Poo, 28 May-5 June

    Eden Project: Freaky Nature with Poo, 28 May-5 June

    This summer Eden's Freaky Nature family event will be discovering all there is to know about poo.

  • Music festivals

    Music festivals

    Music festivals have never just been about the music. With the help of festival old-hands, emerging talent, scientists and gastonomes, we will be exploring all that is filthy this summer.

  • Glasgow's Dirty Weekends

    Glasgow's Dirty Weekends

    Events at Glasgow Science Centre and the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in September wil explore infection and pollution.

  • Filth Fair

    Filth Fair

    How dirty are you? Find all 331 filth-related words hidden in this dazzling painting.

  • BBC Filthy Cities

    BBC Filthy Cities

    Dan Snow is bringing the filthy histories of the world's greatest cities to BBC Two in this new series.

  • Laid to Rest

    Laid to Rest

    This project by Serena Korda will transform dust collected from houses, businesses and institutions into a time capsule of 500 commemorative bricks.

  • Dirt in depth

    Dirt in depth

    Find out about the science of dirt.


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