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Laid to Rest


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Laid to Rest: Final Procession took place on Sunday 18 September, with a mythical marching band, dancers and heavy horses. Watch a video of the procession.

Laid to Rest has transformed dust collected from houses, businesses and institutions into a time capsule of 500 commemorative bricks. The bricks were put on display as part of our 'Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life' exhibition. Each brick contains the specific dust of its contributor and is imprinted with information cataloguing its origins. The stack of bricks grew over the course of the exhibition. The project ended with all the bricks being processed through the streets of London and buried in a hole.

Laid to Rest was inspired by the commercialisation of waste in Victorian London, from the dust heap of Gray's Inn Road to the engineering achievements of Joseph Bazalgette's sewage system. The dust heap was a monument to the invisible and provided a major source of income. One of the industries to be born out of the heap was London brick-making: ash, cinders and rubbish from the heap were mixed with the mud of nearby fields to produce the humble brick.

Laid to Rest is a project by Serena Korda, commissioned by the Wellcome Trust in association with UP Projects. Laid to Rest is part of the Wellcome Trust's Dirt Season.

Follow the project on Serena's blog.

Find out more from the UP Projects website.

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