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Feast to Cure Melancholy

11 November 19.30 - 21.00, 12 November 19.30 - 21.00

Cure for melancholy

An edible experiment. Investigate the intimate relationship between melancholy, diet and lifestyle, and explore the relevance for our 21st-century lives of Robert Burton’s 1621 work' The Anatomy of Melancholy'.

"The manner of living is to more purpose, than whatsoever can be drawn out of the most precious boxes of the apothecaries"

Can our minds benefit today from Burton’s dietary and medicinal advice on food and drink, moderation and exercise, sleeping and dreaming? We challenge food artists Blanch & Shock to cook up a feast to cure melancholy and balance the humours. Discover whether it's possible to work miracles on your mental state through what you consume, and explore 17th-century approaches to wellbeing through a variety of interactive games. If the experiment succeeds you will take home new tools for living. Even if it fails, the evening will be an imaginative and sensory delight.

Food artists: Blanch and Shock.

£15. To book, please call 020 7611 2222.

Ticket price includes 2 drinks and a selection of canapes.

This event is part of Recipes and Remedies.

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