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Brain Jar

Saturday 14 April 2012, 14.00-18.00

Illustration of brain

The physical brain has been poked, prodded and pickled over the centuries. Now it's your turn to get to grips with the brain, through hands-on activities and performances. Join us for an afternoon event with the adult in mind.

  • Learn how to channel your inner zombie with award-winning choreographer Sally Marie. Timed performances throughout the afternoon. Limited capacity.
  • Practise your brain surgery skills under the watchful eye of neuroscientist Dr Zarinah Agnew. Drop in.
  • Witness a ‘live’ trepanning by marionettist Mafalda da Camara. Timed performances throughout the afternoon. Limited capacity.
  • Test miraculous brain tonics served by clinical trials analyst Dr Emma Welsh. Drop in.
  • Graduate from Wes White’s School of Phrenology. Drop in.
  • Examine a human brain with the anatomists from King’s College London. Tickets available on the day from 14.00.

This event has been curated by gethan&myles.

This event is free, drop in any time.
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