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Day of the Dead

Saturday 5 November 2011, 12.00-17.00

This short documentary by Betty Martins was commissioned for the Day of the Dead event.

Originating deep in Aztec culture, the 'Dia de los Muertos' is a hallowed day in the Mexican calendar when thoughts and offerings are given to the dead. Both sacred and celebratory, the Day of the Dead is a festival of remembrance and a time to party!

Join in with skeleton dancers, and tap time with mariachis.

Explore the world of remembrance from Mexicans in London with a specially commissioned video.

Decorate sugar skulls, and make an 'ofrenda' to our altar.

Hear fascinating storytelling on the world of the dead.

Join the legion of the dead and have your face painted.

Witness our grand processional finale, and take part in the final dance of the dead.

This event is FREE and drop-in.

This event has been curated by Jimena Gorraez Belmar

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