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Friday 8 April 2011, 19.00-23.00

Elements: Gold, silver and bronze (aka copper and tin) takes place on 22 June 2012

Four elements. Do they kill or cure? All have been used in medicine, yet each can be lethal.  They bring beauty to our world, but danger too. Delve into a world of elemental duality with immersive chemical performance, ingestion, activity and intrigue across all four floors of Wellcome Collection.

This event has now happened. See the activities that happened on the night, and watch the videos below to meet the elements.

  • Oxygen


    Do you know what colour oxygen is? Or how to get it into liquid form, considering it boils at -183C? Watch our video to see Dr Andrea Sella giving us the lowdown on this incredible element, vital for life on Earth.

  • Iodine


    What does iodine look like when solid? Why is it so important to health? In this video, Dr Andrea Sella takes us through some the many forms of this rare but versatile element.

  • Mercury


    How heavy is a jar of mercury? Why is it so important to chemists? In this video, Dr Andrea Sella demonstrates.

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