Exchanges at the Frontier with Iain Couzin

Thursday 12 December 2013, 19.00-20.30


Iain Couzin specialises in collective animal behaviour, a phenomenon that encompasses flocking birds, shoaling fish and swarming locusts. He is a Scottish biologist based at Princeton University in the USA and has conducted the world's most detailed study into locust swarms in the desert of Mauritania, west Africa. These vast clouds of locusts devastate crops across the globe and lead directly to famine; his research uncovers ways to trick them into self-destruction and has huge implications for global food supply and health. His research into swarming behaviour challenges accepted orthodox theories of collective animal behaviour, while also having implications for human behaviour and crowd dynamics.

The audio from this event was recorded and will be broadcast on BBC World Service at 7pm GMT on Saturday 22 February 2014. You can then listen again with the BBC Exchanges: Ideas and Argument podcast.

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