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Quacks and Cures

Friday 4 June 2010, 19.00-23.00

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This new improved remedy tackles all ills by alternative or orthodox methods. Turn to our expert physicians from three centuries for a diagnosis; if they fail to offer a convincing cure, Doctor Gripenerve the Victorian quack doctor will tend to your needs.

Keep your brain as well as your body in tip-top condition with an expert panel who will examine medical evidence. For the strong of stomach a live leech may be just the thing, or try a more radical approach used by naval surgeons. Who do you trust? Government or grandmother? Sensible advice abounds in our public information films and home remedies.

If exhaustion is your problem, the soothing waters of the spas and wells of London will wash away the stresses of the week but in case they don't work the bar will remain open and our lively musicians will entertain!

Some sessions will be ticketed, these tickets will be available on the night of the event only.

The video on this page is from the first Quacks and Cures event, which took place in July 2009. Read the transcript [PDF 112KB].

  • Still: The Five

    Public Information Films

    Prepare yourself for Quacks and Cures by watching some informational and educational films on the subject of good health and other matters of concern.

  • Hospital scene

    Your very good health

    To ensure your very good health, take some sensible advice in a rolling programme of moving pictures. Let our resident nurse take your pulse, then dare to see if The Doctor is IN for some conflicting approaches.

  • Leeches on a palm

    Meet the leeches

    Ever been curious to feel the suck of a leech? Our lovely leeches and their handlers are here to 'enjoy'. Listen out for a tuneful turn by Medicine Jack and his accompanist Dr Rhubarb.

  • A bundle of chillis

    Onions, pennies and eggs

    Have you got a strange remedy you swear by? Contribute a bizarre home remedy to our gallery display then partake in a healing discussion about naval surgery and herbal healing at sea.

  • Victorian satirical engraving

    Efficacious, illuminating talks and discussions

    These sessions will be ticketed, these tickets will be available from 19.00. Explore London's healing spas and wells in Hope Springs Eternal with Dr Richard Barnett. In Examining the Evidence, our eminent panel discusses current thinking and hot topics in the field of medical evidence.

  • Medicine show band

    Victorian Medicine Show

    The astounding Dr Gripenerve and his band are here! Be prepared to participate in a live Victorian Medicine Show. Watch in amazement as all agues are cured and testify to the efficacy of his treatments.

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