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The Nose

Friday 17 May 2013, 19.00-23.00

Indulge your nosiness and join us for an evening that’s not to be sneezed at! Whether you want to discuss nose jobs with a plastic surgeon or learn to play the nose flute, to explore a garden that won’t make you sneeze or get to grips with the quantum mechanics of smell, ‘The Nose’ will give you the chance to unpick this most overlooked of body parts.

This event is free. Drop in any time from 19.00 to 23.00.

Unless stated all activities are drop in and will run all night. The bar will be open all night.

  • Urban Greening
    Want to give hay fever the slip? Discover which plants you should grow to sneeze less, in this garden from the Royal College of Pathologists.
  • How the Nose Knows a Rose is a Rose
    Ear, nose and throat surgeon Simon Gane will talk about the controversial theory of ‘quantum smell’.

    Tickets will be available on the night of the event from 19.00.

  • Portrait of the Nose
    Historian Julie Anderson will take you on a pictorial journey through some of the most fascinating, impressive and alarming noses in history.

    Tickets will be available on the night of the event from 19.00.


  • The Smell of Envy
    Concocted by Pigeon Theatre and cognitive neuroscientist Colin Lever, this smell-laden performance – part physical theatre, part lecture – investigates the neuroscience of smell, space and memory.

    Performances start at 19.45 and 21.30 and last one hour – first come, first seated.
  • A Run of Noses
    Witness photographic evidence of artist Joshua Sofaer’s remarkable collection of false noses. Then experiment with sticky tape rhinoplasty courtesy of actress Abigail Davies in a photo booth from The Mighty Booth!
  • Little Bottles, Big Smells
    Drop in to meet chemist and showman Andrea Sella and students for an olfactory bombardment and inhale some of the chemistry behind it all.

    Warning: Expect some serious stinks!

  • Schmug
    Struggle to fit your nose into the glass when sipping champagne? Schmug’s range of mugs and glassware could be the answer. Come and create your own with artist Brian Lobel.

  • London Nasal Choir
    Learn the nose flute with musician Ansuman Biswas, make your own and then, if you dare, become part of London’s first nose flute choir!

  • Ott’s Sneeze
    Watch artist Neal White’s film, and read his book, reflecting on the first ever piece of copyrighted motion picture – showing Thomas Edison’s assistant sneezing.
  • The Perfect Nose
    Ever wondered about getting a nose job? Facial aesthetic surgeon Lydia Badia will be on hand to discuss all aspects of rhinoplasty.
  • Recreational Nasendoscopy
    From smell to nosebleeds via snot, sinuses and your ears, a team of nose surgeons will give you this live video tour of the nose.
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