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Unclean Beings

Friday 15 July, 19.00-21.00, & Saturday 16 July, 10.30-17.30

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‘Dirt’ has long been a potent label for deviance and taboo, applied to people and social groups who dare to transgress society’s boundaries. The physical becomes metaphorical, as those associated with sanitary waste, refuse and disease are linked to contamination of a more moral kind. Often this stigma has extreme consequences for the health and wellbeing of so-called ‘dirty’ people. But where does this powerful stigma come from? And what is it like to be regarded by the world as morally contaminated?


The UK’s premier storytellers, the Crick Crack Club, will enchant you with myths and metaphors spanning life, death and dirt. Then get to know your fellow guests over complimentary drinks and view the Dirt exhibition away from the crowds.


Join authors and experts as they explore dirt, health and related sciences in a series of fascinating talks. Our speakers include ‘Dirt’ curator Kate Forde, writer and broadcaster Steven Connor, anthropologist Maureen Bloom, Belle de Jour blogger Brooke Magnanti, and epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani.

£30 full price/£25 concession for both days, including drinks on Friday evening and lunch, tea and coffee on Saturday.

£5 early bird discount on top-price tickets - if you book by Friday 16 June.

Please call 020 7611 2222 to book.

To accompany our 'Dirt’ exhibition.

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