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Who's the Pest?

18 April - 16 May 2013

From their first bite to the fact they eat us when we die, insects will always be part of our lives. Explore the entwined, co-dependent and timeless love story between humans and insects and answer the burning question… who is more of a pest?

Booking for free events in April and paid events will open on 22 March, booking for free events in May will open on 26 April.


  • Secret Insects of Bloomsbury

    Secret Insects of Bloomsbury

    Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April. A walking tour to illuminate our complicated relationship with insects.

  • Insects au Gratin installation

    Insects au Gratin installation

    Tuesday 23 April–Sunday 5 May. The future brings 3D printed novel insect foods to the palate.

  • Insects au Gratin workshops

    Insects au Gratin workshops

    Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 April; Thursday 2 and Friday 3 May. What if you could design your dinner with a click?

  • The Deliciousness of Insects

    The Deliciousness of Insects

    Tuesday 30 April and Wednesday 1 May. A gastronomic evening of insect appreciation.

  • Insects vs Humans

    Insects vs Humans

    Thursday 16 May, 19.00–20.30. Who is the worst offender: insects or humans?

  • Who's the Pest game

    Who's the Pest game

    Free, online and in the Apple app store. In this fast-paced strategy game you must defend your crops from ants. The tables are then turned and you must help the ants feed their nest. As you play first human then ant, you'll find yourself asking: who really is the pest?



Who’s the Pest? is a collaboration between Pestival and Wellcome Collection.
From an original idea by Pestival. Pestival is a cultural organisation exploring our relationship with insects and the natural world.


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