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Friday 5 July 2013, 19.00-23.00

Being wrong is an essential part of being human. No matter how hard we try, we're all going to make mistakes. You, me, your doctor, that politician on the telly - we're all only human. Irrational, inaccurate, self-deceiving and all too easily led astray.

So let's admit it! For one night only, join us as we embrace error, fawn on failure and delight in disaster. Confess your worst mistakes in our shame confessional, be amazed by close-up magicians and scientific illusions, compete in the Wrongness Championships, let loose your inner fool in a clowning masterclass, or take part in one of our expert talks. You might just decide being wrong is more fun than being right...

Before the event, tell us your tales of idiocy and error in our shame confessional. Stories may be used on the night.

This is a special late-night event with a bar running all night.

This event is free. Drop in any time.

Tickets for talks will be available from Wellcome Collection on the night of the event only.

This event is free. Drop in any time from 19.00 to 23.00.

  • Feeling Right, Being Wrong
    In 2011, neuroscientist Kris de Meyer and film maker Sheila Marshall travelled to the USA to meet people who believed the world would end on 21 May. Watch exclusive clips from their documentary, Right Between Your Ears, and find out more about the experience of being proved wrong.

    20.45–21.15. First come, first seated.


  • The Psychology of Magic
    How do magicians fool you? Join magician and psychologist Gustav Kuhn as he explores visual illusions and some of the brain’s other perceptual blunders.

    20.00–20.30 Tickets are available from 19.00 in the Burrows Room on the lower ground floor 2.


  • Introduction to Clowning                                           
    Put yourself in the hands of expert teacher and director John Wright for a brief encounter with a clown. We’ll look at clown play and the audacity of playing the idiot. 

    19.45–20.30 and 21.15–22.00. Workshops involve active physical participation. Limited places – first come, first entry.


  • The Malleability of Memory
    How accurate are eyewitness accounts? Hear from psychologist Amina Memon about the strange ways our memories work. Find out the results of a psychological experiment conducted during tonight’s event.

    22.00-22.30 Tickets are available from 19.00 in the Burrows Room on the lower ground floor 2.


  • The Wrongness Championships      
    Compete in one of our newly devised games of creative wrongness.  Challenge a friend, try to influence others, or be wrong against the clock. 

    19.00–22.30. Drop in any time.
    Games designed by: Gareth Briggs, Iván González, Hannah Nicklin, Sophie Sampson and Simon Watt.

  • Wrongness Cabaret
    Enjoy comic songs, amazing magic and stupendous stories of human error, as our brave performers take to the stage. What could possibly go wrong? Featuring Nish Kumar, Lee Hathaway and Jo Stephenson.

    19.30–20.15 and 21.45–22.30. First come, first seated.


  • Carnival of Fools
    Enjoy the tomfoolery, slapstick and comic nonsense of our musical clowns, and get in the mood for embracing your own inner idiot.


    All night.


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