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Shame confessional

Have you ever made a total idiot of yourself? Or made a decision you later realised was a dreadful mistake? Or claimed to be right – even argued your point – only to later discover you were wrong?

Let's be honest.  We've all done it. 

Now's your chance to confess.  Tell us your story of idiocy and error.  It could be a tiny embarrassing incident – or a huge mistake you've never been able to live down.  It could be funny or tragic, insignificant or life-altering.  All that matters is that it's true. 

Your story will be displayed at Wrong! on 5 July 2013.  You may even find it featuring in a performance on the night: so please don't include personal or organisation names, or anything else that might identify anyone involved.

Please note: offensive stories, or stories containing names or other ways in which participants can be identified, will not be used. Need some inspiration? Read some others' shame confessions.


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