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A series of events accompanying 'Death: A self-portrait'. 

  • Seize the Day

    Seize the Day

    Friday 2 November. Experience a brush with death at this special Friday-night late. Explore what death might have to tell us about life through talks, activities and performance.

  • Collecting Death

    Collecting Death

    Thursday 15 November. Why do people collect? Join Richard Harris, whose collection makes up the ‘Death’ exhibition, and Ross MacFarlane, expert on Sir Henry Wellcome, for an insight into the mind of the collector.

  • Frontliners: Hospice

    Frontliners: Hospice

    Wednesday 28 November. Hospices are dedicated to the care of terminally ill patients. Join a hospice nurse in conversation to hear about her experiences of helping people to face death.

  • Frontliners: Mortuary

    Frontliners: Mortuary

    Wednesday 12 December. Anatomical pathology technologists work in the hospital mortuary and support pathologists during post-mortem examinations or autopsies. Join an APT in conversation about this extraordinary job.

  • Frontliners: Funeral

    Frontliners: Funeral

    Wednesday 16 January. A funeral represents the chance to say goodbye to a loved one. Join a funeral director in conversation, and find out how they help families to face their loss.

  • Death on Screen

    Death on Screen

    Saturday 19 January. Death has long been immortalised on film by directors and artists. Join us for a full day of feature films, plus a specially curated programme of artists’ short films.

  • The Thing Is...Death

    The Thing Is...Death

    Wednesday 23 January. At what point does a human body, or body part, become a 'thing' rather than a person? Join Marek Kohn, author and journalist, to explore this question, its implications, and his mystery object.

  • What Makes a Good Death?

    What Makes a Good Death?

    Friday 1 February and Saturday 2 February. An evening of performance and a full day of talks and discussion exploring the idea of the ‘good death’. How has this concept changed over time, what does it mean today, and how does it relate to modern medicine?

  • Mortal: a drama

    Mortal: a drama

    Thursday 14, Sunday 17 and Thursday 21 February. A specially commissioned co-produced performance by young people with a professional producer, actors and designers

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