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A cherub sweeping a heart clean

Exhibition films

The exhibition features various films exploring themes relating to dirt. These can be investigated further below.


  • Paromita Vohra's 'Q2P'

    Paromita Vohra's 'Q2P'

    Trailer to Vohra's film about toilets and the city. 'Q2P' peers through the dream of Mumbai as a future Shanghai and searches for public toilets, watching who has to queue to pee.

  • Meghna Haldar's 'Dirt'

    Meghna Haldar's 'Dirt'

    In this short video, Haldar talks to Ashkot Mathur about the documentary in which she asks: "What is it about feeling dirty that shames us into silence and disgust?".

  • 'The Centre'

    'The Centre'

    The story of the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham, started before the war by private initiative, and designed and equipped as a community club where the whole family might enjoy their leisure together.

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