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High Society events

'High Society' is supported by a diverse series of events.

  • Drugs in Victorian Britain

    Drugs in Victorian Britain

    A two day symposium, 11-12 February 2011. Intoxication in society and culture, the temperance movement and the origins of drug control.

  • Evidence-based Policy?

    Evidence-based Policy?

    Thursday 3 February 2011. Is it realistic to expect drug policy to reflect scientific evidence?

  • What is a Drug?

    What is a Drug?

    20 January 2011, 19.00-20.30. Mind-altering drugs are a universal habit, but an acquired taste: one culture's religious sacrament is another's public health problem. How did the contemporary category of 'drug' come into being, and how do attitudes differ across other times and places?

  • Describing the Drug Experience

    Describing the Drug Experience

    2 December 2010, 19.00-20.30. Drugs that alter consciousness can only be fully described by human subjects - often reporting wildly different experiences. Can science make sense of these subjective experiences, or are they better conveyed by artists or writers?

  • Packed Lunch: Drugs with Celia Morgan

    Packed Lunch: Drugs with Celia Morgan

    1 December 2010, 13.00-13.45. What's it like being a scientist with a licence to possess illegal drugs? Celia Morgan, a psychologist at UCL, works on cannabis and ketamine, conducting experiments on people who are high on their own supply to determine the effect of drugs on their cognitive function.

  • Kaffeine und Kuchen

    Kaffeine und Kuchen

    December 2010 and January 2011. Be transported to the coffee houses of 18th-century Leipzig in this immersive evening of music and mind-altering substances.

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