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An Idiosyncratic A to Z of the Human Condition

Tuesday 24 June 2014 - Sunday 12 October 2014

A is for Acts of Faith, B is for Birthdays, C is for Chemical Life Support… Z is for Zoonoses

"Must we spell it out? This compelling collection gets an A+" - 'Time Out'

Explore our idiosyncratic A to Z illustrated with a curious combination of Henry Wellcome’s weird and wonderful collection of objects, medical artefacts, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and some equally intriguing contemporary artworks.

Watch the birth of the first test-tube baby (B for Birthdays), listen to Florence Nightingale speak (V for Voice) and sneak a peek at porcelain fruit showing sexual foreplay (X for X-rated).

Our fabulous visitor experience team will further feed your curiosity with live ‘busking’ on topics such as neuroscience and phantom limb syndrome, and offer lessons in forgotten skills such as foot binding, trephination and phrenology. Busking activities take place Tuesday–Sunday at 11.30–12.00 and 14.30–15.00, and also at 18.30–19.00 on Thursdays.

We invite you, as fellow experts on the #HumanCondition, to add your own idiosyncrasies to this quirky show by participating in the gallery or via social media. See ‘For your contribution’ below.

This exhibition runs throughout the summer ahead of our development project, which is due for completion in spring 2015.

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