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Curators: Antonia Bruce and James Peto

Exhibition design and project management: Jane Holmes

International liaison and curatorial support: Jimena Gorraez Belmar and Kate Forde

Graphic design: Marianne Dear, Malcolm Chivers, Luis Olmos, Bret Syfert

Audiovisual support: Richard Ellis, Marc Bennett

Exhibition build: Rise

Online gallery: Luis Olmos and Mike Parmanand

Web editor: Danny Birchall

This exhibition would not have been possible without the tireless work and resources kindly provided by Virginia Villanueva of the Diócesis de Matehuala, and by Dr Patricia Campos and Dr Felipe Macias of the University of Guanajuato.

We are grateful for the support of His Excellency Mr Eduardo Medina Mora and the kind cooperation of those lenders who have made this exhibition possible: the Museo Regional de Guadalajara; the Museo de la Basilica de Guadalupe; the Museo Nacional de Historia; the Museo Nacional de las Intervenciones; the Propiedad del Santuario de San Francisco de Asís de la Diócesis de Matehuala, SLP; the Museo Regional de Puebla; the University of Guanajuato; the Iglesia del Cristo de Villaseca de Mineral de Cata; and the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia.

We would also like to thank the Conservation, Publishing, Audio Visual, Media and Public Programmes teams at the Wellcome Trust.

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