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Insects Au Gratin Installation

Tuesday 23 April 2013 - Sunday 5 May 2013

Free installation. Drop in at any time.

As the world’s human population keeps multiplying, could entomophagy (eating insects) be a solution to some of our future food problems? Most of us won’t even consider chomping on grubs at tea-time, but insects are tremendously efficient at converting vegetation into edible protein. Just four grasshoppers provide as much calcium as a glass of milk, while dung beetles, by weight, contain more protein than beef.

With this growing drive to bring insects into Western shopping baskets, what will become the new insect version of the fish finger? Only time will tell, but the race is on. Here, a team of designers, food scientists and engineers are set the challenge of creating a whole new range of food aesthetics and insect food products.

Insects Au Gratin focuses on the future of food, and shows the potential of insects as a sustainable food source. Enter the near future of food: experience for yourself the sensory world of harvesting mini-livestock and witness table-top 3D printing demos of possible novel insect foods that could be on our plates sooner than we think.

The installation will be closed for drop-in visits when the Insects Au Gratin workshops are taking place. Please book tickets if you want to visit during these times.

Installation by Susana Soares in collaboration with Steak Studio.

Dr Peter Walters, engineer, Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England
Dr Kenneth Spears, food scientist, London South Bank University

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