Ismond Rosen Display

Tuesday 1 December 2009 - Sunday 21 March 2010

Isamond Rosen

Ismond Rosen, 1924-1996, was a distinguished psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and artist who worked tirelessly throughout his lifetime to produce a vast body of written and artistic work. His  creation of sketches, sculptures, poetry and fictional writings, alongside his psychoanalytical  practice and psychiatric research, have cemented Rosen's reputation as a pioneer in the  synthesis of science and art. This exhibition focuses on work from Rosen's intensely creative period during the 1970s, when his synthesis of art and science was at its strongest. Several of Rosen's metal sculptures are displayed alongside archival material taken from his psychoanalytical research and sketchbooks.

The display offers an introduction to a prolific and pioneering individual who demonstrates a unique exploration of the creative process.

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