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Tattoo competition

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Have you ever dreamed of getting a tattoo but are too afraid to actually go through with it?

To coincide with our 'Skin' exhibition, we have run a competition to design a tattoo for Caisa Ederyd, our willing, tattoo-obsessed volunteer.

The competition is now closed. We have narrowed the field down to a shortlist of ten designs. The winner will be revealed at our late-night opening on Thursday 22 July.

On the night, the winning design will be tattooed live on Caisa's body by Bruno Jardim of Pure Ink. The winner will also win a year’s free membership of the Wellcome Collection Club and the chance to get a tattoo done for free at Pure Ink.

View a gallery of shortlisted designs.

Competition brief

One aspect that we consider in the 'Skin' exhibition is peeling back the layers of skin to discover what's beneath. We asked competition entrants to take this theme and let their imagination run wild with the anatomical workings of your body - to illustrate what's beneath our skin and display the internal on the external.

In her own words, Caisa advised: "I'd like it to have something to do with body organs such as hearts, lungs, guts and blood. This is because I think the inside of the body is interesting, beautiful and, sadly, because my dad died from a heart condition a few years ago."

The image of Caisa above shows the area that she wants tattooing - just around her left ribs. The area is quite large and the tattoo could be up to 15 x 15 cm. The tattoo can be in black and white or colour.

Transcript of video featuring Caisa [PDF]

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