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Previous Exhibition: Thursday 19 July 2012 - Tuesday 16 October 2012

An exhibition exploring human enhancement.

Glasses, lipstick, false teeth, the contraceptive pill and even your mobile phone – we take for granted how commonplace human enhancements are. Current scientific developments point to a future where cognitive enhancers and medical nanorobots will be widespread as we seek to augment our beauty, intelligence and health.

Superhuman takes a broad and playful look at our obsession with being the best we can be. Items on display range from an ancient Egyptian prosthetic toe to a packet of Viagra, alongside contributions from artists such as Matthew Barney and scientists, ethicists and commentators working at the cutting edge of this most exciting, and feared, area of modern science.

  • Image galleries

    Image galleries

    Explore some of the objects and images from the Superhuman exhibition.

  • Videos: Future humans?

    Videos: Future humans?

    What does the future, near and far, hold for humans? Is enhancement the next stage of evolution? Should any limits be imposed? And if so, how? Leading researchers in the field of enhancement discuss these questions.

  • Superhuman quiz

    Superhuman quiz

    Test your knowledge of human enhancement with our Superhuman quiz.

  • Superhuman poll

    Superhuman poll

    After they had seen the exhbibition, we asked visitors to Superhuman to answer questions about human enhancement. See their answers.

  • Drop-in events

    Drop-in events

    Experts, performers, and artists will bring 'Superhuman' to life in a series of drop-in events every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in September and October.

  • Human Limits symposium

    Human Limits symposium

    This symposium will examine our relationship with technology and how it stretches our ability to perform in the world. From the influence of the light bulb on our working patterns to space missions and the impact they have had on our physiology, the event will also look forward to what our relationship with technology might be like in the future.

  • Family trail

    Family trail

    Pick up our new Superhuman Family Trail from the Information Desk.



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