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Curated by Emily Jo Sargent and James Peto

Curatorial Advisors: Francis Wells and Louisa Young

Exhibition Co-ordinator: Jane Holmes

Exhibition Design: Coombe Architecture, Nick Coombe and Celine Dalcher

Graphic Design: Nick Bell Design and Aaron Seymour

Exhibition Construction: Qwerk Ltd

Lighting Design: VBK Lighting Consultants Ltd, Max von Barnholt and Claire Morpeth

Audiovisual Installation: Electrostage and Jan Piniewski

Wellcome Collection would like to thank all those artists, museums, galleries and manufacturers who have so generously lent to the exhibition.

We are also grateful to the many Wellcome Trust staff members who have contributed ideas and expertise to its planning and production.

Particular thanks are due to the many individuals who have so freely given time and advice that has helped us to secure the loan of exhibits and to shape the exhibition.

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