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While you're choosing a thing to bring, take a look at what others have chosen and why.

  • Alan Yentob

    Alan Yentob

    Alan Yentob finds his 'thing' incongruously appealing. He says it "looks cuddly and sweet but it's more complex than that". Does this object give an insight into what makes Alan tick?

  • Janet Street-Porter

    Janet Street-Porter

    Janet Street-Porter's thing (which is a bit bigger than her own head) is an artwork by a very well-known artist. Watch the video to reveal the artist and find out why Janet's thing is so dear to her.

  • Jo Brand

    Jo Brand

    Comedian Jo Brand tells us what her chosen Beatle reveals about her. She also gives a few tips about what you might consider when choosing your own thing for the exhibition.

  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    News anchor Jon Snow is a little superstitious about lending us a 'thing' he's worn everyday since first reading the Channel 4 news in 1989. Watch the video to find out what his thing is and why it matters to him.

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